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We are economists, lawyers and engineers and we provide services regarding:

  1. Taxation

    • Tax advice
    We advise our clients to comply with their tax obligations and we apply the best alternatives that the law allows us in each case.
    • Tax declarations and its management
    We prepare and present the tax declarations and liquidations of our clients (VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, ITP, Inheritances, Declaration for Non-residents, etc.).
    • Tax due diligence
    We review the tax situation of our clients, proposing corrective measures when we detect risk situations.
    • Reception of notifications
    We receive tax notifications from our clients through our telematic platform avoiding deadlines with the tax authorities.
    • Relation with the Tax Authorities
    We represent our clients in the course tax procedures with the Tax Authorities providing them technical and legal assistance.

  2. Accounting and Finance
    • Organization and implementation of accounting systems
      We advise our clients on the accounting system that best suits their needs. We help them in choosing the most appropriate software and we participate in its implementation.
      • Accounting management and review
      We take care of the general, analytical and budgetary accounts of our clients and we provide them with management tools if they need to manage it from their offices.
      • Financial planning and management control
      We prepare management reports in which we analyze the financial statements of our clients, to know their company’s situation and to help them in making decisions.
  3. Laboral law
    • Labour legal advice
      We advise our clients in compliance with labor and Social Security obligations
    • Labour management

    We prepare and send to our clients and their employees the contracts, salary receipts and any documentation through our site Employee Portal. We process all the legal regulations in relation to our clients employees, contracts, dismissals, work off, permanent incapacity as well as Social Security contributions.

    •  Reception of notifications

    We receive notifications from the Social Security regarding our clients through our telematic platform, avoiding delays and complying with the legal regulations.

    • Relations with the Labour Administration

    We represent our clients in the course of work verification actions, providing technical and legal assistance.

  4. Legal assistance

    Corporate organization
    Legal assistance in general meetings, constitutions, dissolutions, mergers, divisions and acquisitions of companies

    • Commercial contracts
      Realization and review of any kinds of corporate contracts (purchase, lease, franchises, etc.)
    • Processing of residence permits for investment
    • Processing of deeds
    • Registration of trade names, patents and trademarks
  5. Business Plans

    We advise our clients in the preparation of business plans and feasibility studies of projects and investments.

    • We prepare the due diligence for the valuation of companies and projects.
    • We advise our clients in the realization of strategic business restructuring plans to overcome crisis situations.
    • We help companies in the management of the strategic and organizational changes that are necessary for a business project.
  6. Technological solutions

    Technology solutions for hosting and network management

    •  Implementation of management and billing software in the cloud
    • Implementation of ERP - IT management solutions. Integral and modular system, adapted to the needs of each company and activity sector.
    • Technological adaptations for compliance with the New European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data.
  7. Data protection

    Implementation of the European Regulation for the protection of personal data.

    • Preparation of the documentation and implementation of the protocols.
    • Training and advice to users
    • Security audit
Proven experience of more than 30 years advising companies and using the most modern technologies.
We know how to provide simple solutions to complex problems.
We understand the meaning of: “Time is money” and we apply it to our management, always oriented to improve the results of our clients.
We offer efficient integral management solutions that reduce time in processes.
Our solutions are modular and scalable to adapt them to the needs and size of the companies we advise.

From Mallorca

Our company is located in Mallorca and works for clients around the world.


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